Thursday, November 23, 2006


North Korean Nuclear TesT A Challenge to UN

North Korean nuclear explosions raised the same old mellow drama among the world leaders. UN being a sort of world parliament sounded equally worried and rage. And in the furtherance of same fury Security Council unanimously adopted 6 point resolution which includes points ranging from

· Demands North Korea eliminate all its nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles.
· Requires all countries to prevent the sale or transfer of materials related to Pyongyang's unconventional weapons programs, as well as large-sized military items such as tanks, missiles and helicopters.
· Demands nations freeze funds overseas of people or businesses connected with North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.
· Allows nations to inspect cargo moving in and out of North Korea in pursuit of non-conventional weapons.
· This resolutiopn Is not backed up by the threat of military force.
· Calls on Pyongyang to return "without precondition" to stalled six-nation talks on its nuclear program.

Well now when it is clear that next UN Chief is going to South Korean, and all the nations, who really matter, for the shape size and direction of world politics, are showing such hostile welcome Pyongyong move, Kim Jong II seems to be bit relaxed.

This calmness earths out the most important question “Is UN is such a competent body whose Anger or Favor really matters ?”.
“Is this situation is a problem to UN”
“Is there anyone who really cares what bothers UN and what not”

Sorry to realize but recent international political scenery is not a very pleasant one for the admirors of world harmony, rapport, peace, etc.

Now about the rage which is driving force of Nuke Diplomacy nowdays,
“Has North Korea done something so wrong that its consequences can trigger World War III ? ”

To answer such question correctly we need to have a flash back
First, let’s briefly look at some recent history.In 1992, because of a dispute with the International Atomic Energy Agency over the analysis of certain materials and activities they were subject to under an IAEA Safeguards Agreement—as required by the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons—the North Koreans threatened to withdraw from the NPT.In 1994 President Clinton had persuaded North Korea to sign the Agreed Framework, under which North Korea agreed not only to remain a signatory to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons but also to shut down its 5-MW, Plutonium-239-producing reactor; close its spent-fuel reprocessing facilities; and place all its existing nuclear materials—including the Plutonium-239 contained in spent fuel elements—under lock and seal of the International Atomic Energy Agency; and to abandon construction of its 50-MW and 200-MW, Plutonium-239-producing reactors.At the time, the NPT had to be extended every 5 years, and Clinton was hell-bent on getting the NPT extended indefinitely and to get all countries—especially Israel, India and Pakistan—to become NPT signatories, and to sign and ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. For Clinton, the Agreed Framework’s principal benefit was North Korea’s promise to remain a NPT signatory.What did the Koreans get in return? Well, Clinton promised to facilitate the replacement of their graphite-moderated Plutonium-239 producing reactors with conventional nuclear power plants and promised to provide millions of tons of fuel oil to tide them over until the plants came on line.But the principal benefit the Koreans got under the Agreed Framework was a promise by the president of the United States to never use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against them. And as denizens of the Hermit Kingdom well know, over the years several American presidents had threatened them with nukes.

In my view North Korea has done nothing which it should not do. If Pyongyog is using technology which it has got, by passing the NPT norms as alleged by CIA, through Pakistan, then its is China who should bear all the blame for present haphazard Because if we minus China from Pakistan’s Nuke Programme there is Nothing what can be called Pakistani Nuclear programme

UN is useless body present in this matter. If alone China would have been intrested then they would have easily armtwisted North Korea because The only thing that can force North Korea to give up its defiance of the world is Chinese pressure. North Korea is dependent upon China for food and fuel. Only by China withholding those items supplied by China and necessary for the survival of the North Korean state will North Korea be forced to give up its missile and nuclear weapons programs.

But contrary to this As New York Times reported on October 27, there hasan’t been any dent in Sino-North Korean trade and borders are open as they were prior to Nuke test.

Russian president also avoided to coment on issue because they believe that these test were in line with growing unrest in the region, Japan’s restoration of military, and South Korean nuclear programme has called for such step.
It is clear from the recent diplomatic development that UN is no longer in driving seat of world politics, there have been number of faliure on the UN front, ranging from US invasion in Iraq, crubbing terrorist activity abetted by Pakistan, or most recent, Israel invasion in Lebnon.

To conclude the topic I should say that there is nothing like “CHALLENGE” to UN because the body is impotent to back the world peace, as the present era of peace depends on the sweet will of Power Blocks. Not only this, UN cannot ensure security of nations, so the situation is quite alarming for nations like North Korea who is surrounded by enemy states of Japan and South Korea.

Signature to NPT or CTBT can ensure NO secutity to non-nuclear nations, as we have seen in the past that out of 13 nuclear threats issued by US so far, 9 were against non-nuclear nations.

Nuclear expolsions by North Korea are result of Neo Cold War between third world nations and Power Moghuls. To be more specific the difference of ideology of communist and capatilist is rising again these test are sort of power correction in the region which is experiencing ubiquitious American presence for almost six decades.

In my view North Korea as a soverign state has all the rights to ensure its security from external invasion as well as to secure its energy needs. To satiate both aim, North Korea has all the rights to nuclear know-how. Thus for the sake of same nuclear test cannot be critisiced.

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